How long should the battery be charged?

The battery should be charged 24 hours prior to first use. After each use, or once a month minimum, charge the battery for a full 16 hours. Do not leave the battery on the charger for more than 30 hours. Unplug charger after each use. Avoid using an extension cord or charger may not work properly. Read and follow all warnings before charging the battery. Read your owner's manual for further instruction.


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    Candace rustad

    What does a red light on the charger mean?

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    I believe it means that it's charging

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    Does anyone know where to purchase a replacement charger?

    How long may I expect the battery to operate, at regular speed, without being charged?

    Thank you.

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    Andres Cesar

    I just bought the ram 3500 and assemble it. Now when it says first time charge. Does this mean once assemble charge it or after first use charge it? (keep in mind) once assembled the battery indicator way up to the green light.

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